Inspired by Life...Crafted by Hand

Gioielli Designs is the home of my hand-crafted jewelry here on etsy. I am the owner, photographer, maker, and designer... and if that's not enough responsibility, a wife and a mother. Each and every piece is designed by me from start to finish. I believe in using traditional metalsmithing techniques as well as crafting quality jewelry to last a lifetime.

What's my style? I don't know...honestly. I love designing everything from rustic looking wedding rings to modern and contemporary earrings. I am moved and inspired by many things from exquisite gems and vibrant stones itching to be set in metal, to the softest hides of leather waiting to become the next member of my bohemian collection.

I was born to be crafty and to be an artist. I truly believe that. It's what makes me tick. I have an almost unhealthy addiction to decorating. Beautiful fabrics and old worn furniture with good bones make my head spin. I am crazy about taking something old and giving it life again or using ordinary items in unexpected ways.

But my true love is with my metal, my beat up work bench, and my tools. I am so thankful to be able to work designing and hand crafting beautiful jewelry in my studio here in Arizona. I get to feel like a kid in a candy store... everyday. It is an amazing feeling to know that one of my wedding rings has now become someone's most treasured piece of jewelry. It really doesn't get much better than that.

There is just something special about owning and wearing a piece of jewelry that was made just for you, by hand.

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